By Anna Graf|14 Dec, 2022
150 Sponsoren unterstützen Europas wichtigstes Blockchain Event BLOCKCHANCE wo Diskussionen stattfinden, wie man Zukunftstechnologien nutzbar machen kann für eine positive und nachhaltige Zukunft.
By Maximilian Hartmann|29 Nov, 2022
DeFi Technologies Inc. is a technology company bridging the gap between traditional capital markets and decentralised finance. DeFi Technologies is the only publicly traded company built to give investors direct exposure to the booming Decentralized Finance market. On behalf of their shareholders and investors, they identify opportunities and areas of innovation and build and invest in new technologies and ventures in order to provide trusted, diversified exposure across the decentralized finance ecosystem. As our official sponsor, we asked DeFi Technologies some questions about the company and the future and got fantastic answers. Check out our short interview below and take a quick dive into the topic.
By Konrad Gruner|26 Nov, 2022
Michael Kiberu Nagenda is an Ugandan, Swiss-German who is running multiple African tech initiatives in the FinTech and Cybersecurity space. He is the CEO of Bit2Big, the leading Cryptocurrency company in East and West Africa. Plus founder of Blockchain Association of Uganda, Blockchain Africa I/O, and Director of Umbrella Kids NGO. His work only has one goal – helping people. With his projects, he is supporting tech development in Africa enabling thousands of people to reach a better life. Michael is an ardent advocate for cooperation, building communities that strive for a better tomorrow based on collaboration. Check out our interview below, where Michael gave us succinct and deep answers to questions about his projects and the future.
By Eric Holst|22 Nov, 2022
Wie findet man Anschluss an eine so globale Bewegung, die keinen zentralen Mittelpunkt hat? Die BLOCKCHANCE bietet einen der wenigen Treffpunkte, bei der Anfänger und Experten zusammen finden, sowie alle eine Daseinsberechtigung haben.
By Fabian Friedrich|01 Nov, 2022
GAMB Power to the Merchants offers the first marketplace where online shops can integrate their products. Besides normal fiat payments they can allow crypto payments in GMBT being the parallel token to the GMB already listed and allowing crypto payments without any blockchain-related transaction fees. We asked Dr. Wolfgang Pinegger whose company GloBra built the first parallel coin solution for the GAMB Marketplace some questions about GAMB and the future.